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Improve the quality of patient care and patient satisfaction while you increase the efficiency and profitability of your health facility
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Who are our customers?         
AI driven technology analyzes images and medical information for reliable diagnosis
We use the latest in technology to maintain compliance with Data Privacy Laws 
HIPAA/GDPR compliancy guarantees the most advanced security measures
Multi Platform
Our software supports multi-platform implementation for seamless integration
DermaDetect integrates with existing medical records and medical information systems
Cutting Edge
Asynchronous differential diagnosis and treatment enables quicker and more efficient diagnosis
24/7 access saves patients and doctors the costs involved with in-clinic visits
Low set-up fees and a pay-per-usage pricing model means low CAPEX and reduced pay up-front fees
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Medical Privacy Guaranteed
Quick and Reliable Diagnosis
No Need to Schedule Appointment
24/7 Accessibility
How does it work

Downloads >
The DermaDetect Application

Answers >
A number of personalized questions

The affected area
The System

Analyzes >
The patient information provided

Diagnoses >
The case via proprietary AI algorithms

Recommends >
The doctor a differential diagnosis and treatment plan
The Physician

Receives >
The synopsis and system generated differential diagnosis and treatment plan

Reviews >
And approves the recommendation

Sends >
The patient a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan within hours of initial request
Absolutely. Even if you do not have Tele Medicine capabilities it is very simple to connect to the DermaDetect platform as a stand-alone system.  Our dedicated support team provides advanced remote installation services to ensure a fully functional and validated system in a short time frame.
Our cross-platform software makes it easy to integrate with existing medical record systems and information systems. With no need for disruption of service,  full integration and validation can be conducted remotely with no need for on-premis installation.
Our pricing model consists of an initial set-up fee and a pay-per usage fee. The set-up fee depends on the level of integration required. The pay-per usage fee is a fee which is charged per used case and includes Tier 3 technical support. For a more detailed price proposal please contact us at contact@dermadetect.com
Currently remote health care is based primarily on video conferencing. While this certainly reduces the need for in-clinic visits, it is still limited as it requires the doctor and patient to be available at the same time. DermaDetect is the only company to provide an asynchronous model which allows patients 24/7 access to their physician. 
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