AI-Driven Digital Diagnostics for Skin disorders

Derma Detect has developed a technology for analyzing skin disorders on digital images, enabling potential solutions and management. The company vision is to make the future of digital dermatology a reality, by enabling every patient with any skin disorder, to receive immediate online diagnosis and management plan at any point of care, without the need for a clinic visit.

Our AI based application for the patient gives a personalized answer to a skin condition question and designed to improve skin health decisions. The technology designed to benefit primary care physicians and to empower dermatologists, by automatically providing insights to enable more comprehensive, accurate outcomes - faster, without compromising quality of care.

Founded less than two years ago, the company has raised funds from eHealth Ventures, two angel investors and the Israel Innovation Authority. Created a working application which is currently in an active pilot in Israel in YeledDoctor and Maccabi HMO, and in the process of receiving a CE certification.