Comfort, convenience, accessibility and 24/7 availability to health care significantly improves the quality of patient care
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Quality of Care
Early access to diagnosis and treatment improve the chances for successful treatment
Reduced Costs
Tele Medicine appointments typically cost less than in-person visits reducing the out of pocket costs  
Easy Access
Our asynchronous approach means patients have access to health care from any place at any time
Join Us in redefining how health care is delivered. Equip yourself with the latest in AI technology to take your facility to the next level
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Patient Satisfaction
We see a significant increase in overall patient satisfaction as these have more control over their health and well-being. Rather than being dependent on the schedule of their health care provider, patients now have full control over when and how they communicate with their physician. 
Increased Availability
Communication with your physician is typically limited to the scheduled time slot of the in-clinic visits, as follow up phone calls are usually difficult to schedule. DermaDetect enables you to communicate with your doctors 24/7. The AI driven technology, flags serious conditions and prioritizes them for the doctor to ensure you get timely response for urgent issues. 
Protected Privacy
Patient privacy is one of our main priorities. We therefore abide by the necessary Privacy Laws and Regulatons  to guarantee the privacy of all medical and personal information
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