Our AI driven technology allows you to take health care to the next level
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Patient Care
Our Asynchronous model allows patients quicker and more efficient access to healthcare
Improved Workflows
Reduced number of non-shows and unnecessary in-clinic visits contributes to more effective workflow management
Increased Profitability
Cutting back in overhead costs and access to a larger patient base guarantees increased revenue
Join Us in redefining how health care is delivered. Equip yourself with the latest in AI technology to take your facility to the next level
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Patient Satisfaction
Health care providers are changing how they deliver health care.
24/7 availability contributes to early and more efficient diagnosis and treatment saving providers large future costs while significantly improving the quality of patient care 
Security and Privacy
We understand the value and importance of Health Information privacy.
As such we adhere to the most stringent regulations and utilize the latest in technology to ensure data protection.
Easy Integration
Whether you deploy a stand-alone system or are looking to integrate DermaDetect into an existing medical system, our software supports
multi-platform implementation to ensure quick, easy and seamless integration. 
Workflow Efficiency
By reducing non-shows, unnecessary in-clinic visits and long wait times, health care providers improve their workflow efficiency. This enables providers to treat a larger number of patients without increasing their overhead costs.
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