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DermaDetect announces breakthrough partnership with FEMI HEALTH,  Israel’s largest professional medical services provider
Tel Aviv, December 2, 2020 – DermaDetect, an eHealth Ventures portfolio company, announced its latest partnership with FEMI Premium Ltd, Israel’s largest provider of professional medical services.  DermaDetect is integrating its Artificial Intelligence (AI) skin diagnosis application into the FEMI telemedicine network which spans several health care providers across Israel, reaching more than half the country - 4.9 million patients.
This announcement is the third large-scale partnership for the company in H2 2020.  In July, DermaDetect reached a partnership agreement with Maccabi Healthcare Services, Israel’s 2nd largest HMO, where DermaDetect’s AI application became available to the entire Maccabi network reaching 2.5 million patients.  More recently, DermaDetect partnered with Japanese pharmaceutical conglomerate Maruho Co., Ltd, for the world’s first clinical trial where patients communicate with doctors remotely.  Beyond partnerships, the company also recently received FDA and CE clearance.
Etel Molcho, CEO of FEMI Premium Ltd, welcomed the signing of the partnership and noted: “The collaboration with DermaDetect joins a long line of collaborations and advanced technological developments we have created over the past year in order to stand at the forefront of the world of remote medicine. It should be noted that beyond the 24/7 response to the raging epidemic, the system we have developed, provides top of the line health services on a daily routine basis and can significantly shorten queues, reduce congestion in medical wards and save expensive travel times for patients.”
Meet DermaDetect - True remote dermatology diagnosis
DermaDetects allows dermatologists to diagnose common skin conditions and treat them remotely while patients receive fast and accurate responses, along with treatment options, without leaving their homes. Physicians using the app are able to focus on patients remotely while the advanced AI software flags more urgent cases for further in-clinic visits. 
“The FEMI agreement represents a breakthrough in dermatological diagnosis and patient care,” said Eugene Dicker, CEO of DermaDetect.  “Beyond potentially providing remote dermatological diagnosis to over half of Israel, the FEMI offering will now be truly holistic delivering a complete suite of patient care from traditional dermatology to drug and appointment services; and of course, now, remote diagnostics.  This ‘total package’ will alleviate patient overflows commonly found in healthcare organizations, while simultaneously giving patients better care.”
Ophir Shahaf, VP of Business Development for eHealth Ventures, added “we are proud to see the growth of DermaDetect and its commercial expansion. As an investor in early-stage companies, we know that the road to commercialization is long and perilous and few companies really have what it takes. Eugene and his team have a game-changing product offering and are providing true tele-diagnostic value, which is even more in demand during the current health crisis. We are confident customers will appreciate the solution and the company will continue to grow.”

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